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Our Working Dogs

We believe that this breed originated as a working stockdog and want our dogs to have the traditional old style Aussie appearance. Our dogs are moderate in height and weight, athletically built, structurally sound, biddable, and have a strong working instinct at a young age. Our motto is “our dogs work for you.” We are continuing to train dogs over the winter, and have several started dogs and puppies available for sale.

Dog Training

We have been asked so many questions in the last year about how we train stock dogs as well as family pets, that we have decided to offer some dog training classes, consultations and clinics. We will be scheduling classes throughout the year, and bringing in guest teachers as well.  Please see the calendar on the events page for upcoming dates, and give us a call for more information.


Why an Aussie?

2019 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year Winner from American Farm Bureau on Vimeo.

We strive to produce dogs that will be valuable workmates to ranchers, farmers, and trial dog enthusiasts. At home our dogs do every day real work sorting, moving, and doctoring our hair cross sheep and meat goats, moving and sorting our Call ducks, and on occasion the neighbor’s cattle.

Our program incorporates the old Las Rocosa, Woods, Slash V, and Hangin’ Tree bloodlines as close up in our breeding program as possible. Dogs from our program have been successful in every capacity as dictated by their owners’ lifestyle, from ranch and farm dogs, to competitive trial dogs, service, protection, and companion dogs.

Puppies Available

Call for more information on puppies:

We have a few puppies available each season. 

Interested parties email, call or text:

Carol Gerken
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Phone: 208-739-3246

Tina Blasdell
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Phone: 503-708-5121


New Zealand Kiko Goats

We are excited to start a new venture. We will be breeding New Zealand Kiko Goats! Kiko goats are known for their hardiness. They typically will birth and care for their kids with minimal assistance. The breed tends to require minimal veterinary care and have few foot or hoof issues. For more Information: American Kiko Goat Association – The ORIGINAL Kiko Goat Registry (kikogoats.com)










IADX John E Cash aka “Johnny”
AKGA & NKR Registered
Kidded 1/26/2022

Johnny Came to the Ranch in July 2022 from Ione A Dream Ranch. This handsome guy has a great disposition and has become a ranch favorite. He’s an expert at begging for treats and you can lead him anywhere you want. He’s our herd Sire and brought us some beautiful kids in 2023. We look forward to expanding our herd with this guy.

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